J P G - I M A G E S

Menhir (8,32 KB)
Located in "El Mollar", Tafí del Valle, in its new location.
Antiguo Quilmes (12,8 KB)
In Santa Maria mountains, secondary range of the Cajon or Quilmes Mountain.
Jesuistic Mission of San Jose de Lules (14,7 KB)
From the ruins, the patio of the cuhrch.
Tafi Valleys (9,85 KB)
Panoramic view.
Pachamama (7,91 KB)
(Mother Earth) In the Calchaquies Valleys the eldest is chosen annually in carnival time.
Gaucho (6,61 KB)
South American cow-boy, representative of our folklore.
Empanadas (11,3 KB)
Characteristic wooden oven with wood where exquisite Tucuman empanadas (small meat pies) are made.
Z Cheeses (5,62 KB)
Famous cheese whose origin dates from the XVIII century, made in Tafi del Valle with craftmanship.
Nazarene (6,99 KB)
Wooden sculpture. XVIII century, Chicligasta Church.
Theatre (15,5 KB)
Stable Choir and Orchestra of the Province.
Sugar Cane (9,47 KB)
Industrial process starting point of one of the main products of our province.
Lemon (11,9 KB)
Finished industrial product.
Puma (7,28 KB)
American lion which lives in Tucuman jungle.
Kayak (10,7 KB)
An adventure sport in Tucuman.
Windsurf (6,20 KB)
In La Angostura dam.
Historical House of Tucumán (5,7 KB)
It is de House of Tucuman Independence.
Government House (6,86 KB)
In front of the Independence Square, San Miguel de Tucuman.