A Time Travel

In Tucuman itself and in the Calchaquies Valleys, even today, it is possible to visit the settlements of the ancient "Coyasuyo" (Southern part of "Taiwantisuyo"or Inca Empire). These places or early basements, in some cases, have been rescued and most of them are almost classified.
The Fortification-Temple known as the "Ancient Quilmes" is among the places mentioned above. La Ciudacita, another settlement is, without doubt, the most fascinating place because of its characteristics. This last site used to be a physics-astronomical observatory, so it keeps, among many other things an "Inti-Huatana" or trick to the sun, which marks the exact moment of the solscitios. This Inti-Huatana is situated over more than 4,000 mts, over the level of the sea, in an almost inaccesible place to where you arrive after 3 or more days of trekking. Near this archeological spot, the traffic of the Inca Road is much more intense because of the original pavement it used to have and that still remains. This very road was used by Los Curacas, warriors and messengers of the fabulous empire.

If 6 or 7 days are available, it is possible to go on a superb and unforgettable expedition, just by visiting the Calchaquies Valleys, ancient Quilmes, Yocavil Valley or Santa Maria; by crossing the Aconquija summits; by camping in La Ciudacita, fishing trout in the rivers formed by melted snow of the mountains, trekking on Inca Road and crossing the dessrt and the Yungas jungle to reach the plain lands of Tucuman.
This is not a commercial or massive panorama. The groups are maily and exclusively formed according to the specific requirements.

This costs U$S 300 daily and per person, based on 2 or more.
Consult your travel agent or Mr. Santiago Lobo, licenciated in tourism to:
E-mail santiagolobo@tucuman.comr