TUCUMAN is located in the Northwest of the Argentine Republic, between parallels 26 and 28 South Latitude and meridians 64'30". It covers 22.524 Km2 and it is the natural geographic center of the region for communications, for its social life, for its economy and also because of its population: 1.142.247 of wich 475.000 people live in the capital city.
TUCUMAN is 540 km from the Pacific Ocean in a straight line, 1.050 km from the River Plate and 1.400 from the Atlantic Ocean.
50 % of the Province is mountainous which makes it possible to have a very varied climate with unique climatic zones and as a result, many different agricultural crops.
TUCUMAN, Province of great beauty, is called "THE GARDEN OF THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC" due to its dense vegetation, magnificent rain forests, extensive forestation, rivers and mountains.

Map of Tucuman (JPG Image 10,6 KB)

Political division

The province is divided in 17 departments. They are: Capital, Trancas, Tafí del Valle, Tafí Viejo, Burruyacu, Cruz Alta, Lules, Famailla, Monteros, Leales, Chicligasta, Simoca, Río Chico, Juan Bautista Alberdi, Graneros, La Cocha and Yerba Buena. Every one of them has depending municipalities or rural communes, in the case of fields zones with small towns.

Climatic traits and it possibilities

The Province of Tucuman, placed in the Argentine North West, has a surface of 22,524 km2, wich represents a 4.8% of the Argentine North West surface. Due to its geographical position and the dominant morphology (50% of the surface is occupied by the mountain area), the Tucuman climate offers common and general distinctive characteristics with the Argentine North West and simultaneously other particulars which result from the remarkable variety of its relief.
In other words, the orographic system influences significantly the behaviour of the climate elements (rainfall, temperature, humidity, winds, etc), and determines the existence of several types of climate (microclimates) which allow varied cultivations in its surface.

Flora and Fauna

Vegetal life in Tucuman is abundant and varied. The Province in placed in a region of great beauty, with magnificent jungles with gaint trees, woods, rivers, mountains, etc.
The animal life of the Province is so varied as abundant, among the wild animals we find: viscachas, weasels, cuises, wildcats, armadillos, foxes, skunks, iguanas, small lizards, tortoises, toads, frogs, snakes of several kinds, rabbits. Among the birds are: owls, caranchos, falcons, teros, benteveos, ovenbirds, and an incalculable amounts of birds. In the rivers and likes live innumerable fishes: mackerels, bagres, shads, dorados, tarariras, etc. In the mountain parrots are abundant, all kinds of birds, pumas and in the highest places guanacos live.